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What the press says

about Nau - Pereyra and their work

Press View:

El sonido de mi tierra thus becomes an intense theatre performance in which tango dance fesatures as vital and irrevent as ever, with virtuoso acrobatics displays and complex firuletes the tango dance partners get entangled in an unrestrained, passionate affaire. Buenos Aires Herald

What deeply moves is the gentle plasticity of her movements which marks her Tango dance. Her line is one of the best Enrique Honorio Destaville, Noticias

This show is revarding. Pereyra seems to me the criollo version of Fred Astaire. Nicole and Luis are the best Tango Dancers I have yet seen. Buenos Aires Herald, Ricardo Cernadas

The simplicity, the authenticity, the dimension, the repertoire, the beauty of dresses, the extreme great professionalism are some of the great virtues of this "Color de mi Baile" Ricardo Salton, Ambito Financiero

That one person can assimilate in his work the sythesis of this art formes, fraternized but so differentas these are Tango and Folklore Argentino, shows that the real great titan exists. That a performance connects the lifework of these two great dancers with the talent of Horacio Banegas keeps the colours of argentine dance alife, without doubts.  Folklore Club Romina Herrera

The couple refirms all awards what they received for previous produktions, which also has been of intim character, as „Bailando en soledad". The actor capacity, the adaptillity on different characters, the rhythmic richness of tapdance makes Pereyra an unic artist. On the other side we can say that Nau, born in Germany, completely develops in the argentine dances,  and adds on every interpretation her enrichment. N.M. Sousa, La Prensa

As we already well know of them, in their performances Luis Pereyra enriches the scene with music what accompanies his dance of very personal language.  Horacio Banegas takes part from an artistic place of folklore. Nicole Nau gives a touch of elegance and glamour of the old times. Boletin Folklore

The work of Nau Pereyra allows us a journey back in time, to finally see again the old but never dying essence of real tango. That’s it, the dance of a couple, close to the floor, without any acrobatics but with a lot of emotional sense. Perfil sábado 17 de enero 2009

'After seeing the show of Nicole Nau and Luis Pereyra, the audience is fascinated. They are willed to pay anything - just to do a few steps or movements which a little look like the ones they have seen right now."Jairo Straccia - El Cronista

 Luis Pereyra has created a great musical porteño which, with brightness and display, presents the real authentic and native without the need of showing 'for export'. Something most of other productions in this style reach do get a crime'. Pablo Gorlero - Diario La Nación

'A beautiful performance. Of good taste and with not often seen great care'. Nora Lafón - Radio Del Plata

After having seen this exclusively performance we ask ourselves, why in such a great success of musical Andrew Lloyd Webber makes dance Ché and Evita vals. Not understandable, after having seen these artists. How much more could have been expressed in this dramatically story with the dance out of the heart of Buenos Aires, this great legacy of argentine culture. "El Sonido de Mi Tierra" has been the proof most passionate towards a style of dance, reaching great emotions and authentic erotic without the abuse of the cliché of Latin Pop heroes. Hanauer Anzeiger

It is a tribute of love towards Argentina, its culture, its land, its people. Tom Noga Frankfurter Rundschau

'Authentic and spectacular. Exceeds all prevision because it is showing a performance of upper case. Of high artistic quality, precisely in style, luxury in the clothes, careful in the integration of dancer and the musical support'. Enrique H. Destaville - Revista Noticias

'A performance what develops with fluent and attractive dynamic, within a scenic setting what always owns the adequate plastic to the evocation. Estupendos Nicole Nau y Luis Pereyra'. Eduardo Giorello - Diario El Día de La Plata

'A fresh and dynamic performance, what not seems to anyone seen up to now. Not similar in anything we are used to see in other tango houses'. Adela Montes - Revista Pronto

'Being as agile, this performance reaches to show up different periods and styles of tango in very short time. The projections gives the ideal frame to each piece. The Sexteto Gabino Tango as the Orquesta de Señoritas lifts up the propose'. Pablo Sirvén - Radio Continental

'Fortunately the have avoided a lots of the common clichés, in the repertory and especially in the esthetic idea'. Ricardo Saltón - Diario Ámbito Financiero

'A lovely performance. You feel that these artists really love tango'. Alicia Petti - Radio Nacional

'An intense performance, what never declines. The costumes are of first class. Same the scenografic projections, of great delicacy'. Gustavo Lladós - Revista Luz

'In difference to other places, the news is the artistic bet. Reaching a product of high musical and choreograph quality what includes new slides what projects three-dimensional images on stage'. Gabriel Plaza - Diario La Nación

'I loved it. Highly recomandable'. Jorge Lafauci - Radio Diez

"A performance to enjoy. There is a reason why strange public night by night fill tables and leave the theatre dazzling because of the beauty of this traditional centenary tango place". Luis Pedro Tony

'An idea what in several moments places the public at the edge of great emotion. Fantastic the musicians what are directed by Pablo Aznarez'. Héctor Molinari – ACE

'Luis Pereyra, working in great inspiration with stage designer Víctor Tela, has reached to dress the scene in a way what puts the steady of bodies into a visual and sonoral richness of the whole’. Daniel Sousa - Diario La Prensa

Dance and entertainment in highest level. The choreographies have the character of deep studies of argentine culture. They showed up great knowhow of argentine tradition and closeness of the couple. Something only reachable after years of hard work together. A brilliant jewel of the world of show business. Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung 2007

“Tango is no art”, says the decree of December 2006 in Germany. Means in juristic meaning it is no art, but sports. Unbelievable! The judge surely have not seen this couple dancing. Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra. What this people show is art in its most pure form. Who has expected suffering faces and dramatically positions, received a learning. Music and dance full of emotions. Full of life and spirit. The air was filled of it. Every step has been full of emotion; every sequence of dance has told us a little story, something of life. These two dancers make music visible to their audience. Warendorf 2007

Dance full of spirit, full of joyness. Where the arms and weapons are the legwork. nearly the view of the audiance cant follow them. Kölner Stadtanzeiger, 2007

They do not only take us to their dance world, they also bring us argentine culture to Warendorf. This couple not only is a couple on stage but also in life. This you immediately can feel in their dance full of energy, vitality and stregth. Perfectly together they interpreted the choreographies in a very personal form. The night we share with them is extraordinary. Pereyra shows that he is not only a great tango dancer, but also a great tap dancer. Die Glocke, Warendorf

Also this Wednesday the hall was completely soled out. The entrances have been sold with a lot of earliness. People standing. The performance started with great mystery. Starting with very slow music and dance. nearly mystic, silence. But fast rising and carriyng us to the peak. Soester Allgemeine Zeitung

This is dance in international level. The dance of these exceptional artists exceptional is not only a statement of love towards Tango; it is also a statement of love to the country Argentina. Schwäbische Zeitung 2007

Stars in the bandoneon sky. Secretos de la Danza…Tango! Makes shining the Tango and Folklore argentino. The tap-dance of Luis Pereyra is fascinating. In the more folkloric part of the night he receives a round of applause. With all justification. This dancer, who since he is 5 years old, has been dancing, remarks that he has great mastery and control about his body. His physical presence is elegant.  Mastery what highlights him in tango too. He knows how to lead his partner Nicole Nau who is dressed with costumes, made as art peaces of “Art Deco”. This couple combines the staging with great joy and happiness. Very natural and believable. As for example in „Zorro Gris“ or in „La Primavera“. The audience thanks this with no ending standing ovation. Süddeutsche Zeitung

Stars of Tango amaze the audience. Luis Pereyra is dancer and choreographer. With many phases, somebody who has already win the heart of all audience in all continents, being member of big Tango companies. Viernheimer Tageblatt 22.09.2007

In the central moment of the performance Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra knew how to win the heart of the audience, with fascinating rhythms, marvelous feet technique, being both full of natural ability. Südhessen Morgen

To compare real Tango Argentino with Tango what you can learn in schools and classes or see in "Milongas" is like offering a lukewarm Coca Cola instead of cold champagne. In brilliant way Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra demonstrate this on Tuesday night. They hand over great professionalism and high know how of choreography, as also projects of Opera. Powerful, virtuous, natural and sober is the base of each danced piece. The couple creates scenic fascination with great argentine soul. In the second part they hand over the secret. An argentine festivity displays on stage. Enrique Discépolo said: Tango is a sad feeling you can dance. This cliché is disarmed thankfully by a vital performance, colorful and heart hitting, by Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra. This couple hits in every sence.Waldkraiburg 3 November 2007

Pasional and faszinanting. In one moment both showes up in distance, than controled, for later hand over their art in a fascinating and passionate way. . What this couple shows is amazing in every scene. Fascinating. The audience keeps without breath. Elegance, enthusiasm, passion. They show tango in different ways. They change characters. They know the legwork in a perfect way, on one side, of hands, on the other. That this people love tango you can feel. They get standing ovations!.  Borkener Zeitung

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Published on: Friday, October 23 2009 (10191 reads)
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